More Than Coaching

More Than Coaching

  September 21, 2020

At Ultimate Coaching, the clue is in the name. We are all about offering the best possible coaching experience to anyone that we teach, coach or interact with. But sometimes coaching is about more than that, and that’s definitely the case for the learners we work with.

In most cases, it would be easy to turn up, set the kit up, speed through the session and leave again. But what would that achieve? When coaching young children, it is vitally important to leave a lasting positive impression, one that may have the potential to shape their learning experience for years to come. That can include attitude, positivity and good habits formed through learning excellence.

The relationship between coach and player is one of the most important relationships in sport, if not the most important one. The “Golden Years” of development are between the ages of 5 - 11, the stage when a coach can have the most impact on a young learner. But that’s the case for all sport too, not just youth sport. If the coach goes the extra mile to make the experience enjoyable, one that creates an environment in which the player feels comfortable and involved, then the difference to outcomes and long term impact can be immeasurable.

So, being #morethancoaching is everything to us. That means more than being on time, more than being organised, more than wearing the right kit. It’s about meaning more to the player, to the parent and contributing more to the overall experience. Without the players, parents and children, our stakeholders, there is no coaching - so how can we show that gratitude, how can we convey that the children we coach are the centre of everything we do?

It starts with believing the hype, and believing that it is possible to be more than a coach. That doesn’t mean being a friend to everyone you come into contact with, but it does mean that there’s more you can do to bring the session to life for the players that turn up. First name terms, handshakes, high fives, remembering the previous sessions, seeing improvement and maintaining a relationship that lasts the length of the season and way beyond into the child’s teenage years. If you start to believe in yourself, and believing that it is possible to go above and beyond then you’re well on your way.

So what does that mean for Ultimate Coaching? Well, for a start it means that everything we do is centered around the player and the child. From planning a product or event all the way through to delivery, the main focus is the experience and how we can offer more than just a day out for a child. Our coaching is about enrichment, not just the enhancement of value or quality but enhancement of principles, life skills, values and learning. By remembering to be more than a coach, and to offer more than coaching, we keep ourselves honest and we keep our standards as high as we can. #morethancoaching is the benchmark, and we hope it is plain to see for all involved.


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