Master The Ball, Master The Game

Master The Ball, Master The Game

  April 09, 2020

"Master the ball, master the game"

As football fans, what do we love to see? 

Well I love to see players dribble & take players on, being creative. That is why so many of the legends of the game stand out simply for that reason. Maradona, Pele, Gazza are a few stand out creative players & more recently in the modern game we have players like Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi.  So, with this in mind, we should spend more time working on dribbling & 1 v 1 scenario’s in training. Interestingly all the players mentioned above learnt to play with both feet!

At Ultimate Coaching, our experienced team also make a point of getting to know each individual player, and understand what they want to improve! Children know their strengths and weaknesses, and as professionals it is our job to ensure the framework is in place. We also consult with many managers & parents and advise on how to block sessions together, the importance of repetition and relevance.

Harrison would like to improve his quality on the ball and confidence in possession. We need to give players the tools to be able to turn away from trouble that requires lots of individual practice to develop coordination, agility combined with speed.
You can see he’s slower on his weaker side, because he hasn’t yet got the co-ordination to perform the skills at speed. He needs to work on that repeatedly here and when he’s at home. 

Model – Ball Mastery

Method – Practice different techniques with the ball using both feet to develop ball mastery skills, balance & coordination

Structure – Place four cones in a square and require one football.

1.‘Continuous scissors’ bring your foot from the inside of the ball to the outside of the ball and repeat alternating feet.
2.‘Toe taps’ taking one foot in turn, tip the top of the ball with the underside of your toe. Easy enough, do this with faster movements while the ball should stay in one place.
3. ‘Football dance’ As per toe taps, progress by bringing foot behind standing foot and touching ball with toe, alternate this movement.
4. ‘Ball roll and stop’ Use the sole of your foot to control while the other foot is planted nicely using a soft touch to roll the ball across to other foot that is planted and ready to stop and control the ball

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