Lioness Legacy - Girls Football Development

Lioness Legacy - Girls Football Development

  March 15, 2023

Lioness Legacy

This International Women’s Day, England’s Lionesses scored an landmark victory following their open-letter to the government calling for ’every young girl in the nation to be able to play football at school’. The result? Ground-breaking changes to sports provision for girls in England, ensuring equal access to sports in school.

In the year England Women won the Euros, only 41% of secondary schools allowed girls the same access to football in PE lessons as boys. Now children will be given the freedom to choose the same sports and a minimum 2 hours PE time per week regardless of gender.

’By making football more accessible to millions of girls across the nation, we have opened a crucial door for the growth of women’s football and women’s sport as a whole.’ - Lotte Wubben-Moy, Lioness.

Backed by the FA’s 2021 #LetGirlsPlay initiative - launched after the FA researched the disparity between boys’ and girls’ PE provision - the Lionesses’ campaign has been a catalyst, shaping government policy to allow girls the freedom to choose their path in life.

’We see it as our responsibility to open the doors for them to do so and this announcement makes that possible. This is the legacy that we want to live much longer than us as a team.’ - Leah Williamson, Lionesses’ Captain.

’Equal access for girls is one of the FA’s strategic ambitions and for such progress to be made is a very proud day.’ - Mark Bullingham, CEO, The FA.

At Ultimate Coaching we believe in the positive impact of sport on girls’ personal development and are proud to see our football provisions at the schools and clubs we partner with encouraging self-confidence, leadership, integrity and teamwork. When girls see their peers and idols flourish in this way, it inspires them to achieve. The Lionesses’ victory is testament to the power of aspiration. We can’t wait for the Women’s World Cup this summer!



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