Developing Girls Football: Part Two - Understanding Girls and Motivations

Developing Girls Football: Part Two - Understanding Girls and Motivations

  April 17, 2020

Girls football session, coach participating Girls football event

Two girls chasing the ball, girls football session Two girls playing football, girls football event

  • Build trust. Respect will follow.
  • Establish likeability. Girls confidence will be largely based on empathy with the coach.
  • Intrinsic motivations: Girls are not necessarily motivated by winning or success. Girls are motivated more by learning, understanding and developing.
  • Girls can be more inquisitive than boys. Always be happy to interact and engage in conversation.
  • Encourage Q & A and interventions
  • Take the time to understand the aspirations and goals of each girl
  • Choosing coach / personality is key.
  • Coaching method and attitude. Ensure the structure of sessions plays into the desires of the cohort, ensuring lots of reassurance and relevance.
  • Every girl should be encouraged but not pressured to join in. Join in with a parent or sibling.
  • Understand the important role friendships plays. Get to togethers outside of football (bowling/cinema/pizza days out). Reinforce the many social benefits of team sport


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