Developing Girls Football: Part Three - The Method of Development Sessions

Developing Girls Football: Part Three - The Method of Development Sessions

  April 21, 2020

Coach watching over player during girls football session Two players duel for the football, during a girls football session

Two players laughing, chase for the ball during girls football session Two players high five, during girls football sessions

Now we have covered the vision, philosophy, strategy and motivations behind developing girls football we can look at the method of development sessions. Read on to see director Scott Rimmer`s key points to development sessions.

  • Clear expectations and mode
  • Make friends, socialise, be part of a team, build confidence
  • Create a specialist environment and eco system
  • Sessions to be based on fun games. One key factor
  • Sessions to be theme based (Disney/Animals). Allow girls to pick a theme and who they want to be.
  • Sessions do not have to be based on football, allow girls to pick a warm up, fun game to start with
  • Opposed play should be 2v2 or 3v3 with no goalkeepers. Keep games short and allow girls to change teams. Add multiple goals so girls don’t focus on just dribbling one way
  • New comers to buddy up with a friend or existing player


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