Developing Girls Football: Part Three - Ten Key Points For Coaches

Developing Girls Football: Part Three - Ten Key Points For Coaches

  April 23, 2020


The final article in our four-part girls development blog covers ten key points for coaches to consider when coaching girls. This is a great guideline for all aspiring coaches out there, and serves as a reminder for experienced coaches too.


  1. Sessions should ALWAYS be all fun based with a learning topic for each session. Always have a fun arrival activity where girls can interact on the ball!


  1. Speak to girls at a younger age at their eye level and share interests. Find out what they like and their interests


  1. Allow girls to create sessions themselves. How can they make the game harder or easier, how many points each colour worth. Allow them to create rules within the game.


  1. Lots of energy and be bubbly, keep the girls running around ENGAGED and try to encourage dribbling with the ball rather than walking. Join in and be a defender


  1. Challenge girls that are finding the session too easy. Technically competent girls better may find the session boring if not challenged. Reduce levels of difficulty for girls who find it too hard, make the session easier and fun for them.


  1. During team games allow the opportunity for girls to discuss strategy and tactics. This will strengthen the social element and allow girls to develop problem solving skills amongst themselves


  1. Try and play without goalkeepers in very small games 2v2, 3v3. This will stop players standing and encourage movement and activity, increase success levels and goals being scored!. This also gives girls more chance to be on the ball and be involved in the game.


  1. Ask the girls at the end of the session what they liked about the days session and what games they want to play next week. This will give you an idea of the sessions they enjoy, gives the girls something to look forward to next weeks session


  1. Play the same games often, lots of repetition - especially if the girls enjoy those games. The more often you play, the more opportunity to progress and INTERACT with the girls about the technical aspects. Continuity will develop their understanding, increase improvement and game intelligence.


  1. DO NOT coach them as you would BOYS! Be personable, friendly, fun, silly at times!

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