Developing Girls Football: Part One - Building a Pathway From Foundation to Elite

Developing Girls Football: Part One - Building a Pathway From Foundation to Elite

  April 15, 2020

At Ultimate Coaching, we are very committed to girls football and sport and we understand the key elements which restrict girls from playing & enjoying - but we also recognise what it takes to build a winning formula.


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  1. Ensure the game is accessible for all girls who want to play whether beginner, recreational or competitive.
  2. Allow girls the chance to play with friends within a team sport or make friends through football.

  3. Understand, clarify the outcomes and build a model encompassing the key elements and methodology.

  4. ALWAYS ensure the environment is fun! Sessions need to be focused on enjoyment before learning - learning comes once the enjoyment is established and empathy is built.

  5. Help change the perception. Help girls and PARENTS understand that football is not a ‘BOYS’ only sport. Girls need to be encouraged and invited to play football at a younger age.

  6. Don’t be afraid to educate parents. These are the decision makers and investors.

  7. There is also a perception from some that the game is not feminine. Developing participation and awareness will dismantle the stigmas.

  8. Exercise. Prevent the alarming drop out of girls in sport, encourage girls to play outside of school where possible, and reinforce the importance of staying fit and eating healthy.

  9. Actively promote in the local community, engage with schools and clubs, and again help educate.

Football is not the automatic first choice sport for a young girl. There are a number of obvious activities that girls will grasp through school or are inspired by.

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