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Due to the extensive waiting lists for local recreational gymnastic classes in the area, we believe UGA is a stepping stone to help enable keen gymnasts to learn and develop their skills, and to help increase children’s chances of gaining a place at club level.


  • To bridge the gap between after school gymnastics and club gymnastics.
  • Nurture and encourage gymnasts skills and confidence while providing a fun, safe environment on which to build on their knowledge and technique.
  • Provide quality coaching and use of the BAGA scheme to group children into abilities.

What makes UGA different?

UGA caters for those children who show exceptional talent in gymnastics but have yet to gain a place at a local gymnastics club. UGA enables those who meet the criteria to learn more advanced skills in a smaller group environment with others of their ability.

In after school activities that are open to all, the range of skill level is quite varied whereas within the academy classes all children are of a similar skill level.

How does my child get invited to attend UGA?

Children who attend the UGA after school clubs/lunchtime clubs are assessed according to BAGA scheme. Those children who are performing skills at level 5 or below are selected to attend the UGA class.

To achieve level 5 and below children need to show the following skills:

  • Forward/ Backward rolls
  • Frog balance
  • Cartwheel
  • Handstand/ Headstand

Current programmes:

We are currently delivering Gymnastics programmes at the following schools;

  • Byfleet Primary School (Byfleet)
  • Raleigh School (Horsley)
  • Marist Primary School (West Byfleet)
  • St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School (Guildford)



About Us

We are passionate and motivated to making the difference, and allowing all children to be the best they can be in their chosen sport. We value the importance of providing enriched opportunities that inspire and motivate both boys and girls, providing both intermediate & advanced learners pathways into broader participation, club or academy environments and future employability.

Contact us

Please use this generic contact form for any enquiries you may have about our coaching schemes and football courses.

Please contact Ultimate Coaching at:


1 Webb House Business Centre

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Telephone: 01483 488212

Email: info@ultimate-coaching.co.uk

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