Ability Is What You`re Capable Of Doing...

Ability Is What You`re Capable Of Doing...

  April 08, 2020

Ability is what you’re ‘capable’ of doing…

Who would have thought that in 2020 we would be without any Football league club competitions? Euro 2020 deferred to the following year? Grassroots football leagues being declared void!

Many young boys and girls who are so used to being active with friends and family are currently in isolation due to a worldwide virus which has stopped every nation in it tracks.

Football is a worldwide language understood and spoken by all cultures. 

My name is Tom Arnold, and I am co proprietor of Ultimate Coaching Ltd. I have a 10 year old son named Harrison who is football mad, currently with no school, football or friends to play with…

Alongside Harrison’s home schooling I have created one hour a day 1-1 football sessions with the intention to help improve, maintain his fitness and mental wellbeing. It will also help provide structure, routine which in turn will create a bit of normality.

As a company, we believe 1 – 1 coaching, tutoring & activity; allows children to fast track technical competency, confidence, athleticism and ball mastery. We have a technical performance model at Ultimate Coaching which is designed to teach individual learners and enables children to apply skills and techniques into competitive, fast paced, opposed situations.

Twice a week I plan to blog about each session I have created in the comfort of my own garden. The blogs will contain a small video clip supported by advice on the training model, method, structure, outcome and adaptions.

The visual sessions will also be uploaded to our social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Please feel free to contact me on these platforms for content requests, feedback and things you’d like to see.

You can find the videos on our social media channels:






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