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Marist RC Primary


Week 1 commence: Wk1: Mon 24th April Wk2:Mon 1st May Is a Bank Holiday so no Monday Club  Wk3:Mon 8th May   Wk4: Mon 15th May   Wk5: Mon 22nd May (no Thursday Club as sports day )  

Half Term

Wk6: Mon 5th June Wk7: Mon 12th June Wk8: Mon 19th June   Wk9: Mon 26th June (No Friday Clubs as Summer BBQ)  Wk10: Mon 3rd July Wk11: Mon 10th July

If you pay for a full term the price is discounted.

Clubs Finish 4.30pm


Reception Gym Club is now full


Product Description

There are limited spaces available on the courses so please register for your place promptly.

These prices listed are an online registration price if you wish to pay by cheque can you please include £1 extra for cheque fees.

Please note children that have not pre-registered will not be allowed to attend the course.

Please click to see our safeguarding policy if  you wish to see the full policy please email info@ultimate-coaching.co.uk.

There will be a £5 administration fee added to the booking in the event of late registration.

If you would like to find out any more details please contact us at info@ultimate-coaching.co.uk.

If you experience any difficulty in registering your child please contact us on 01483 488212.

Parents wishing to register their children to obtain a sibling discount, please call us on 01483 488212 to confirm the concession.

Cancellation & Credit Policy: In the event of illness we may issue a credit note. Credit notes are valid for 12 months and may be used for any of our courses, camps or events. In the event of extreme situations a refund may be issued at the discretion of the Head Coach.

Additional Information


Girls Football Years 1,2,3,4 5& 6 – 10 Weeks (Mon 24th April – Mon 10th July), Football Years 1 & 2 – 11 Weeks ( Tue 25th April – Tue 11th July), Football Years 1 & 2 – 5 Weeks ( Tue 25th April – Tue 23rd May ), Football Years 1 & 2 – 6 Weeks ( Tue 6th June – Tue 11th July ), Football Years 5 & 6 – 10 Weeks (Thurs 27th April – Thurs 13th July) Exclude 25th May as Sports Day, Football Years 3 & 4 – 10 Weeks (Fri 28th April – Fri 14th July) Exclude 30th June Summer BBQ, Gym Years 1 & 2 – 10 Weeks (Fri 28th April- Fri 14th July)Exclude 30th June Summer BBQ, Netball Years 4 & 5 – 10 Weeks (Fri 28th April – Fri 14th July )Exclude 30th June Summer BBQ, Kwik Cricket & Rounders Years 4, 5 & 6 – 5 Weeks (Weds 26th April – Weds 24th May), Kwik Cricket & Rounders Years 4, 5 & 6 – 6 Weeks (Weds 7th June – Weds 12th July), Kwik Cricket & Rounders Years 4, 5 & 6 – 11 Weeks (Weds 26th April – Weds 12th July), Reception Gym – 6 Weeks (Thurs 8th June – Thurs 13th July), Football Years 3 & 4 – 5 Weeks (Fri 9th June – Fri 14th July) Excl 30th June,