Ultimate Coaching – Objective

  • Provide range of experiences for children & youths aged 5 – 15 years
  • Provide children with holistic experiences
  • Improve children’s understanding of their chosen sport (Game/Principles/laws)
  • Improve physicality/athleticism
  • Develop children/youths socially
  • Develop creativity
  • Create environments that suit the enjoyment and learning experience of each individual
  • Create a pathway for children to progress
  • Develop coaches
  • Educate parents

Ultimate Coaching – Philosophy

  • Create environments and pathways for the Intermediate and Advanced performers
  • Improve children’s knowledge and technique using principles of ‘games’
  • Develop understanding of space and time within team sport
  • Encourage children to make decisions
  • Create environments for children to respect each other
  • Maintain a balance of fun technical games and competitions
  • Maintain fun, friendly environment
  • Use different methods of coaching and intervention techniques
  • Develop principals of invasion games (how to attack and defend)
  • Reflect on players / sessions / games/ performance
  • Understanding specific ages of development (physically / cognitively)
  • Promote continuity
  • Make sessions realistic, relevant and creative