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Who We Are

Who We Are

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Ultimate Coaching started life in 2012 with the simple aim of positively impacting children through sport. Ultimate Coaching are a leading provider of sports coaching in the Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire areas. From PE at schools all the way through to one to one private training sessions, we are the natural choice for education providers and grassroots sports clubs. We aim to provide pathways and professional coaching opportunities that are both affordable and sustainable for young children from age 5 through to age 15, with an emphasis on fun, participation and development.

We work hard with local grassroots clubs to develop links with the surrounding communities, using our original coaching concepts and frameworks to allow foundation level sport to thrive and evolve. A key factor in enabling these areas to thrive is the ability to build on the success and legacy of landmark events such as the recent Women’s World Cup in 2015, Men’s World Cup in 2018 and 2016 Olympic games. We strongly believe that this, coupled with our work supporting schools, proves that we have something to offer for everyone.

Throughout the year we offer a range of after school clubs at a number of schools, aiming to help children get the most out of sport and committing to providing the very best education and sports coaching. Outside of primary education, we run supplementary coaching opportunities with both grassroots sports clubs and in line with our own football specific programme. We cater for young children with potential and a desire to learn and improve, focusing on individual skills and 1v1 situations to aid these children developing as players and individuals.

During non-term time periods, we work hard to provide additional coaching and fun opportunities for children through our Ultimate Holiday Camps. These camps are a mix of football specific camps and multi-sport camps, designed with fun and participation in mind – and are also a great childcare option for parents during the school holidays!

Starting small with just a few coaches and a list of contacts, we have since gone from strength to strength growing as a business and establishing ourselves in the surrounding areas as a trusted source of professional coaching. With big plans for the future, we can’t wait to get out there and impact as many people as we can with positive sports coaching.

See you at the next event…who knows, your child could be the next sporting icon.

Ultimate Coaching