About Us

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Ultimate Coaching started life in 2012.

Ultimate by definition is;

“being the best or most achievable of its kind”.

We believe this represents our ethos and the service which is provided by our coaching team.

Our team of highly professional and experienced coaches provide a fun, and first class learning environment for children to perform and develop. The organisation provides a balance of ensuring children are engaged whilst learning, which enables children to be the best they can be.

Ultimate Coaching believes learning needs to be ‘Liberating not laborious’, and children need to be inspired to expand their learning potential. Our experiences have taught us that confidence is the underpinning ingredient which allows children to fulfil their potential in the sport they choose.

Ultimate Coaching acknowledge that performance is a bi product of building technical knowledge, upon the foundations of both confidence and self belief. We appreciate that long term goals and ultimate success is achieved through encouraging children to work hard. Repetition in practice is key, but providing realistic competitive environments for individuals to embrace is fundamental.

Ultimate Coaching provides a methodology that allows each child to learn through games, and to develop technical competency and eventual mastery.

Ultimate Coaching understand that the 5 – 11yr bracket is the golden age of development and for children to build muscle memory. This age bracket is also the prime stage where a coach can have a significant impact with movement, technique, agility, speed and balance.


Ultimate Coaching provide the following services within UK schools:

  • PPA support, curriculum delivery and provider of PE/Games.
  • After School sport specific schemes for Infant, Primary and Junior Schools.
  • Provider of educational support packages to Independent and state governed schools.
  • Sport specific Inset day provision, activities and sports camps.

Football Clubs

Ultimate Coaching provide the following specialist services within the UK and Europe:

  • The organisation provides weekly coaching to junior amateur football clubs and offers specialised Coaching Support packages to a range of 7, 9 and 11 aside teams.
  • Club support is offered at many levels including seasonal support to teams, goalkeeping, match analysis, feeder programmes (U5/U6) and positional/team specific development programmes.
  • Ultimate Coaching delivers coach education sessions for team managers and clubs – positional and age specific.
  • The organisation offers vocational opportunities for 16-20 year old boys through their self help recruitment programmes.

Holiday Camps and Resort Experiences

During school holidays the organisation provides the following:

  • Devises and delivers professional coaching programmes in partnership with schools, clubs and institutions.
  • Exciting and fun activities that run from 1 – 5 days – events allow girls and boys from the age of 5 years to attend and interact with other children in a sporting environment.
  • The organisation engages with communities by arranging trips for children to stadiums such as Stamford Bridge (Chelsea F.C), The Emirates (Arsenal) and the home of football in England – Wembley Stadium.
  • Ultimate Coaching deliver team specific coaching programmes for local clubs during school holidays – including fund raising opportunities and profit share events.
  • Ultimate Coaching have began supporting WWKC with football activities and coaching services across their summer resort programme.